Genesis 3mm Spacer Cross (500 Pack)


The Genesis 3mm cross shaped tile spacers are expertly crafted from injection moulded plastic for unparalleled precision, ensuring a flawless 3mm grout joint for both walls and floors. Each bag contains 500 individual spacers, conveniently separated post-injection moulding for a quicker and more efficient tiling experience. 

What’s special about this product?

> Precision-engineered from injection moulded plastic

> Designed for a perfect 3mm grout joint in wall and floor tiles

> Convenient cross shape for optimal tile arrangement

> 500 easy to use spacers per bag, pre-separated for efficiency

Product Specification

  • Product ID 44942
  • Sale by Per Unit
  • Size 500
  • Weight 0.30 KG
  • Area Of Usage Internal