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Looking for a unique, natural look in your home? Terrazzo tiles are a popular choice for those looking to add character and charm to their interiors, blending beautifully with a variety of styles, in both modern and traditional looks. 

What are terrazzo and terrazzo effect tiles?

Inspired by the elegant floors found throughout the streets of Italy, our terrazzo effect tiles are sure to create an eye-catching look in your home. The organic look is traditionally made with shards of marble, granite, stone and glass, but there are other options available now that make this beautiful material more readily available for those who want to use it in their homes. An alternative to natural terrazzo, Porcelain Tiles are designed with a terrazzo effect, making them much more durable and hardwearing than the real thing. Not only does their porcelain body make them a more suitable option for many areas in the home, but it also means that they are a lot more affordable than genuine terrazzo tiles. One of the most popular uses for terrazzo tiles is as a Splashback. Not only do these tiles look stunning, but they are easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for behind the oven and sink where splashes and spills are commonplace. 

A colourful, contemporary twist

Modern terrazzo effect tiles are available in a wealth of colours, shapes and designs; a far cry from the classic, neutral options only available in the past. Here at Walls and Floors, we have some stunning terrazzo effect tiles available in grey, blue, green and even pink! Terrazzo is particularly popular in the kitchen, especially as a Feature Wall or floor. Their eye-catching, yet natural, design makes them a great focal point for the heart of the home, and their versatility allows them to fit well with both modern and traditional interior styles. 

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