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Blue Wood Wall Panels

Looking for something with a splash of colour? You’ve come to the right place with our blue wood wall panels. Your favourite wood wall panels are now in a classy blue shade, perfect for creating a unique space to perfectly complement your personality. Trepanel® is Walls and Floors’ very own range of wood wall panels, to offer our customers everything they need to make their dream home a reality! 

Our easy-to-install blue wood wall panels are ideal for introducing a sense of depth and texture across your home! Their installation options are plentiful - install with nails across the felt backing that drive into the wall, or with an easy bit of our panel adhesive! Our wood slats are uniquely fully veneered, so you can rest assured there's no extra finishing required. The rigid plastic felt back makes installation even easier and offers amazing durability, enhanced by the lightweight nature of the MDF slats. 

Blue wood wall panels are perfect for creating a traditional look across the walls of your home, with a modern coloured twist! Use in the bedroom for a quirky scheme, or in the lounge for a maximalist look.

Our blue wood wall panels can be found in our full sized 2400x600mm format, perfect for the larger floor-to-ceiling design you may have in mind! If this is too big for your space, you can easily cut them down to size using a small hand saw across the wood slats and a Stanley knife across the felt backing!

Our panels have an acoustic rating that ensures any loud and harsh noises around the home are lessened, muffling them to sound quieter. By following our installation guide, be sure you can keep your noise in and everyone else’s noise out! Order your free sample of our green wood wall panels now to get a sense of how they’ll look in your home!