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From blue and white checkerboard designs to more tropical yellow and orange blends, swimming pool tiles have always been a favourite when it comes to tiling a pool or creating a colourful, eye-catching space. Matching the natural appearance of water, blue pool tiles will help to make your pool look vaster and deeper.

Create a luxury look with mosaic tiles 

Mosaic Tiles are a popular choice when it comes to tiling a swimming pool, as they are bound to give a more exclusive and luxurious look. Great for their anti-slip properties, mosaic tiles are there to protect you from any slipping accidents, while also being a great choice for lining the base of a swimming pool. For that authentic finishing touch, don’t forget to use strips of a darker tile in your base to map out your swimming lanes! These will help you keep in line when you’re getting a few laps in. Don’t forget to browse our range of Anti-Slip Tiles, if you’re looking to give that extra safety touch to more than just your swimming pool.

Expand your dream beyond the outdoors

Tired of the same rectangular shape? Seeking something different? Why not have a look at our collection of Hexagon Tiles, available in a stunning variety of colours and hexagonal shapes. Fit not only for an outdoor space, but hexagon tiles are also a perfect fit for both the walls and the floors in rooms such as your bathroom or even kitchen. Our ever-popular Blue Tiles combine tones of blue, white and grey to bring unique tonal variations and transform your space.