Half Wall-Wood Wall Panels

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Dark Wood | 2400x600 Wall Panels | Kitchen Wall

Half Wall-Wood Wall Panels

Have a smaller job at hand? Check out our half-wall panels, easy for projects that don’t need a full wood slat panel! Our mini half panels can be used the same way as our other wood slat panels, but are easier to manoeuvre and fit into smaller areas with their 1200x600mm format. 

Our easy-to-install half-wall panels are perfect for spaces in need of a bit of texture and depth! The installation options are plentiful - install with nails across the panel that drive into the wall, or with an easy bit of glue! Our mini slats are also fully veneered, across all sides, so you can rest assured that there’s no extra work that needs doing! The rigid plastic felt backing makes installation even easier, offering amazing durability!

We offer our half-wall panels in the most popular colours, so you can find the perfect match! Use the dark Walnut wood slats for a cosy Scandinavian feel in your living room, or the lighter Oak shade for a refreshingly modern look across the bedroom! 

Found a style you love but not in the right size? Check out our whole range of wood slat panels, so you can find your perfect match! If these are still too big, you can easily cut our panels down to size using a small hand saw and Stanley knife!

The acoustic sound absorption rating ensures our panels will absorb and lessen any loud, harsh noises throughout the home, muffling them so they sound quieter. Keep your noise in, and everyone else's noise out! Order your free sample now to get a taste of our wood wall panels for yourself!