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Transform Your Home with Stylish Trepanel® Living Room Wood Wall Panels

The living room is our haven, where we decompress after a long, hard day in front of the TV, so it should be looking its best! Our living room wood wall panels add a modern flair to spaces in need of a little extra something. We like to cater to every room in the home, so welcome Trepanel® to yours! 

Our easy-to-install living room wood wall panels offer simplicity and elegance, providing transformative styling for your home. Installation options are simple and plentiful! Install with nails across the panel that drive into the wall behind, or with an easy bit of our panel adhesive. Our living room wood wall panels feature fully wrapped slats with real wood veneer across lightweight MDF slats, providing a finished look that requires no extra oiling or maintenance! Their rigid plastic felt backing comes in various shades, and makes installation even easier, offering outstanding durability.

We offer a wide variety of colours and shades to suit every project, from lighter oak wood slats to dark grey ones, and even a variety of uniquely vibrant solid colours! Inject a sense of warmth and comfort throughout the living room with our versatile dark brown wood wall panels, or go for something a bit more modern and contemporary with our wide choice of grey wood wall panels! There really is something for every interior design style. 

Our Trepanel® Living Room Wood Wall Panels come in a wide range of versatile size options too! Our original Trepanel® feature a 2400x600mm format, making them perfect for covering wall-to-ceiling designs! Alternatively, we have our half-wall wood slats, ideal for creating a stylish media wall or feature wall. For something even quirkier, check out our Square wall panels, a truly unique and creative way to introduce the popular wood slat design into your home. Not only do the panels themselves come in a variety of sizes, but so do the individual slats! With wider or skinnier options, there is a choice for every living room

Their acoustic sound absorption rating ensures our panels absorb and lessen loud or harsh noises around the living room, dimming them to sound quieter. When they are installed using the correct methods, our acoustic panels keep your noise in, and external noise out, so crank that TV volume up! Follow our Trepanel® Installation Guide for more information on installing Trepanel® to get the most out of your acoustic panels. If you need extra inspiration or advice, check out our Blog, featuring wood wall panel trends and ideas!