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If you’re looking to create a rugged, characterful aesthetic in your home or garden, look no further than our split face tiles. These linear strips of stone have an undulating, multi-levelled surface with a rough, textured finish, adding depth and dimension to any wall space and providing a stunning statement for your home.  

What are split face tiles?

Linear strips of stone are cut to different lengths, widths and depths in order to create a staggered, multi-level surface for a textured look. Our range of Natural Stone Tiles consists of a variety of different colours and styles: try our quartzite tiles for a lavish, charismatic look, or our slate tiles for a rustic, country-style appearance. These timeless tiles are popular to use in the Garden, as they will instantly add an elegant, natural look to your outdoor space. 

What are split face effect tiles?

Split face effect tiles are a low-cost and low-maintenance alternative to natural split face tiles. Often made from porcelain or ceramic, they are durable, hardwearing and easy to clean, making them a perfect choice for your home! They have a textured surface with a stone effect design, providing a realistic look for your home. 

Can split face tiles be used inside?

Yes, split face tiles are great to use indoors as a feature wall, as they create an eye-catching statement look! Popular as Kitchen Tiles, they can be used as a splashback behind the oven and sink where splashes and spills are commonplace. Split face effect tiles can even be used in the Bathroom, as their durable porcelain or ceramic construction makes them waterproof and easy to maintain in a damp environment. 

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