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Metro tiles are a timeless classic when it comes to decorating a Kitchen or Bathroom Wall space. They first came about in the underground stations, at the turn of the 20th century, where different colour combinations were used so that passengers could recognise the stations. 

There are so many choices with metro tiles, including brick-shaped, mini brick, elongated brick-shaped, in both bevelled and smooth options, with crackle-glazed options as well as bumpy, rustic designs. So you’re guaranteed to find the perfect design to match your personality.

Create a stylish splashback with metro tiles

Perfect for creating a contemporary look, metro tiles are often used to create a Splashback in the kitchen or bathroom. We have a range of metro tiles available that are great to use for Kitchen Wall Tiles - whether you’re going for a neutral look with White Tiles or a bright, Victorian-style look with our Green Tiles. Not only do these tiles look stunning, but they are durable, hardwearing and easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for behind the oven and sink where splashes and spills are commonplace. 

Create your own unique style

When it comes to Wall Tiles, you have a lot of opportunities to create something really unique to your own personal style, especially with the versatility of metro tiles. Herringbone Tiles are really popular at the moment due to their stylish contemporary look, however, there are lots of other designs to choose from including the classic brickbond and basketweave styles.

Looking to tile the wall yourself?

Lucky for you, we have a handy guide all about installing your own Wall Tiles! Our How To Tile A Wall guide has a video explaining everything you need to know about tiling a wall, so you can create your own brick effect wall with ease.