65-100mm Outdoor Tile Universal Pedestal


Transform your outdoor spaces effortlessly with the Wallbarn 65-100mm Outdoor Tile Pedestal, an innovative solution for achieving a flat, even surface on roof terraces, patios and verandas. This telescopic pedestal system allows for quick and easy adjustments, winding up and down to accommodate tiles and paving slabs, ensuring a smooth finish without the need for grout or adhesive. Durable and robust, the Wallbarn pedestal can support up to 683kg and withstand temperatures from -40 to 75°c, making it a versatile choice for all your outdoor tiling needs. 

> Holds up to 683kgs with temperature variation between +75°c and -40°c

> Fully adjustable with self-levelling head for smooth, even look

> Rubber anti-shock pads give better grip and help insulate against vibration and noise

> Telescopic system winds up and down to achieve completely flat surfaces

> Suspended system helps provide clear, straight line when paving

> Pipes, cabling units and drainage channels can be accommodated and hidden out of sight

Product Specification