Porte Maillot Grey Crackle Flat Metro Tiles


A warm grey flat brick shaped wall tile with a unique gloss crackle glaze finish. The ceramic Antique Flat Metro Tiles are ideal for kitchen or bathroom walls, order Porte Maillot Tiles samples online with free delivery.

Inspired by the 1920's Parisian Metro System we recommend using the Porte Maillot Tiles to create a superb retro-brick kitchen wall feature, order Antique Flat Metro Tiles online with nationwide fast two-day delivery.

Before grouting, it is compulsory to seal with LTP Crackle Glaze. This prevents the grout from discolouring the tile, and helps to prevent water from penetrating the tile. However, in areas where water is directly hitting the tile, such as in a shower, we strongly recommend in addition applying LTP Grout and Tile Protector after fixing, which will add extra protection.

Product Specification