Varenne Teal Crackle Flat Metro Tiles


Turquoise in colour, these Varenne Crackle Teal Tiles are perfect for brightening up interior wall spaces. These blue-green brick-shaped tiles have a textured crackled surface in a glossy sheen. The crackle finish adds a charming, characterful aged effect; ideal for introducing a vintage period look into a bathroom or kitchen. Part of our selection of Antique Smooth Crackle Metro Tiles. We recommend that you order a sample before purchasing to ensure you are happy with the hue of the tile.

To achieve the teal mix in the photographs, combine with Monceau Teal Smooth Crackle Metro Tiles

Before grouting, it is compulsory to seal with LTP Crackle Glaze. This prevents the grout from discolouring the tile and helps to prevent water from penetrating the tile. However, in areas where water is directly hitting the tile, such as in a shower, we strongly recommend in addition applying LTP Grout and Tile Protector after fixing, which will add extra protection.

Product Specification