FIXX® 150W Electric Underfloor Heating (1 sqm)


Bring a touch of luxury to your home with FIXX™ 150W Electric Underfloor Heating (1 sqm). Exclusive to Walls and Floors, this electric underfloor heating system is designed to be used with tiles, this electric heating system comfortably warms your home from the ground up. Due to its ability to cover a large surface area, FIXX™ provides even heat distribution with a rapid heat-up time and accurate control through the thermostat. With zero ongoing maintenance at a lower temperature, FIXX™ is more energy-efficient than conventional radiators, helping to save you money over time.

What’s special about this product?

> Compatible with tiles
> Even heat distribution
> High surface area
> Total comfort and control
> Energy efficient
> Rapid heat-up time

Product Specification