Tile Backer Board


Hardibacker Backerboard is a unique, cement-based, water-resistant substrate for tiling that can be used on walls, floors and countertops. Particularly suitable for use around baths, showers and in kitchens, it will keep your tiles just where you want them. Stuck hard to the surface. Tried and tested in millions of homes worldwide. It's very easy to cut and install.

Hardibacker boards: A hassle-free option 

Considering the costs and effort involved, when you choose to tile a surface, you only want to do it once. This is why it's important to attach your tiles to a surface that won't cause problems, like plywood, gypsum and other cement boards can. So, to avoid having to do repairs or do the whole job again in a few years, make sure you use Hardibacker Backerboard behind your tiles.

Wall Application

  • Installed over stud or masonry walls
  • Replaces plasterboard
  • Can be used around multi-fuel or log burning stoves
  • Prevents mould growth
  • Reduces tile failure in these high moisture areas
  • Can hold 100kg/m2

Floor Application

  • Installed over structural floor
  • Used to replace plywood
  • Does not expand and contract
  • Does not rot

Product Specification

  • Product ID 9317
  • Sale by Per Unit
  • Size 1.2mx0.8mx12mm
  • Weight 14.00 KG
  • Material Cement
  • Suitability Floors
  • Area Of Usage Internal
  • Underfloor Heating Yes
  • Document Download
  • Coverage No