Hardiebacker Silver 25mm Screws


Secure your Hardiebacker Boards effortlessly with our 25mm Hardiebacker Screws, designed for perfect integration on walls, floors and metal frames. These self-countersinking, silver-coloured screws come in packs of 100m ensuring a flush and neat finish every time. For wood frames (floors) use: 5.0 x 25mm, diameter head 10 mm PZ2 For wood frames (walls) use: 5.0 x 32 mm, diameter head 10 mm PZ2 For metal frames use: 4.8 x 30 mm, diameter head 10 mm PZ2.

> 25mm size ideal for robust fixing

> Self-countersinking design ensures a smooth, flush finish

> Versatile use, suitable for walls, floors and metal frames

> Pack of 100, ample quantity for extensive projects

> Sleek silver colouring

Please note: These screws are suitable for use alongside Trepanel® Wood Wall Panels.

Product Specification

  • Product ID 38108
  • Sale by Per Unit
  • Size 100
  • Weight 0.01 KG
  • Area Of Usage Internal