Jackoboard Board Fix and Seal Adhesive


What's special about this product?

> Perfect for Trepanel ™ Felt Backed Wood Panels

> Designed also for use with Jackon Insulation XPS boards

> Can be used on a range of substrates

> Easy nozzle application, fits into a regular silicone gun

> Covers approx 9 linear metres

Board Fix mounting adhesive and sealant is an SMP-based single-component adhesive. It covers a broad range of applications on a wide variety of materials such as concrete, plasters, ceramics, glass, metals, wood boards, construction materials.

Board Fix is perfect for use with our Trepanel Felt Backed Wood Panels, each tube covers approximately 9 linear metres.

Board Fix designed also for use with Jackon Insulation products / XPS boards, fitting them together or onto a substrate. Such products include ready-to-tile boards, angle elements, bathtub dress panels and extruded polystyrene insulation boards. 

It can be used in the proximity of food, e.g. for glueing walls and floors at commercial facilities where food is produced or processed.

Product Specification