White PVC Tile Trim


This Genesis tiling trim in a versatile white colour offers a sleek finish, adding a professional touch to your corners and exposed tile edges. Boasting a curved edge, this 2.5m long tile trim is perfect for tiles that are 6mm thick, and is made from a versatile and durable PVC construction. 

What’s special about this product? 

> Versatile white colour with sleek finish

> Modern rounded edge complements corners and exposed edges

> Designed for 6mm thick tiles

> Generous 2.5m length for versatility

> Durable PVC construction

Product Specification

  • Product ID 9419
  • Sale by Per Unit
  • Size 2.5m Length x 6mm Depth
  • Weight 0.05 KG
  • Material P.V.C
  • Product color White
  • Area Of Usage Internal