Thermosphere Programmable Control Black


Get complete control of your underfloor heating at the touch of a button with Thermosphere Programmable Thermostat in Black. Made in a slimline design, this clever thermostat features a seven day, six-event programmable heating schedule that can be set up to provide efficient heating that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. With a built-in ambient temperature sensor and external floor sensor, it manually boosts temperature when needed until the next scheduled heating event.

What’s special about this product?

> Quick and easy control
> Slimline, unobtrusive design
> 7 day, 6 event programming schedule
> Manual temperature boost
> Control up to 16A or 3600W UFH

Where do I set up my thermostat?

Ideally, the thermostat should be located within the room to be heated, however, as it is floor sensing, it can be installed outside of the room or in a cupboard if necessary. For easy operation and access to controls, we recommend a location that is approximately 1.3m above the floor.

Product Specification

  • Product ID 44991
  • Sale by Per Unit
  • Size 1 Size
  • Weight 1.00 KG
  • Material Underfloor Tile Heating
  • Product color Black
  • Area Of Usage Internal
  • Document Information Sheet