Trepanel® Silver Grey Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

Key Features

> Uniquely wrapped, on all 3 sides with Real Wood Veneer

> Strong felt backing with sound-absorbing possibilities (see Trepanel® Guide for more info)

> Suitable for interior walls & ceilings

> Easy maintenance, no need to oil (check out cleaning & maintenance below)

> Cool, silver grey shade with sheen on veneer

> Easy one-person installation



Trepanel® Silver Grey is the ideal affordable choice for creating that sought after wood slat style in your own home. Our panels have a strong felt backing with excellent sound absorbing qualities, perfect for helping reduce echoes in larger rooms when installed following the Trepanel® guide. Trepanel® is constructed with an MDF core, which is so lightweight it can be installed by one person (although you may prefer two for fixing), it’s fast to put up and creates minimal mess so you can transform a space in minutes! The wood veneered slats have the characteristics of real wood in texture, colour variation, grain, and a cool, silver grey wood shade with luxury sheen, visible from all angles.

Fixing Guide

To fix Trepanel® we recommend using either black matt coated 38mm screws or Mapei Super Grip Panel Adhesive. One panel requires 15 screws or one tube of adhesive. 

The wood veneer is a natural material, and each piece of veneer is unique in terms of wood's natural characteristics, that being texture, colour variation and grain, it also may undergo changes over time when exposed to light.

Please note: We do not recommend for use in areas close to a heat source, e.g. a hob or fireplace, or where they will come into direct contact with water.

Cleaning and Maintenance

We recommend regular cleaning with a duster or soft brush, to gently remove dust and debris, avoid harsh brushes and scratchy materials.

Do NOT use any type of wood or furniture polish as it can damage the veneer. Our panels are fully finished so no need for additional maintenance of oiling.

Periodic use of vacuums with a soft attachment can easily remove dust from the felt back.

For more stubborn stains use a damp cloth (not wet). If spills occur use a clean, absorbent cloth to dry immediately.

Avoid excess moisture with Trepanel® as the felt back should not come into contact with liquids.

Product Specification

  • Product ID 802081
  • Size 2400x600x21mm
  • Weight 12.00 KG
  • Material Wood and Felt
  • Finish Matt
  • Product color Grey
  • Thickness (mm) 21
  • Panel Coverage (sqm) 1.44
  • Slat Size WxD (mm) 50x12
  • Slats Per Panel 15
  • Gaps Between Slats (mm) 13
  • Felt Depth (mm) 9
  • Panel Suitability Walls & Ceilings
  • Area Of Usage Interior